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Waddington on track for season opener

Adelaide Thunderbirds star mid-courter Leigh Waddington is determined to be back on the court with her team mates for round one of the 2015 campaign.

It’s been five months since the mid-courter endured a season ending left knee injury that required her second full knee reconstruction. She suffered the same injury on her other knee back in 2011 playing state league netball. “The knee is coming along really well”, Waddington said “My last knee reconstruction I was back playing within ten and a half months”, “I've felt a lot more confident this time because I know what to expect. Her rehabilitation at this early stage is on track, which is great news for the Thunderbirds. “If I was to compare them (knee reconstructions) both, this time I have no pain when I run”, the 166cm mid courter said “Last time I was hesitant but I feel I’m more mentally strong this time” Waddington said Waddington last week started running for the first time which consists of 20x 50metre straight line sprints and numerous exercises to build the muscle strength back around the knee. “I was a little nervous to run again but I won't have the same reservations about hitting the court like last time,” she said. “I’m currently training five nights a week, three sessions of weights and two running sessions” Waddington explained. “I know what pain I should push through and what isn't right”. With the Thunderbirds pre-season starting in the first week of November, Waddington will have a different focused workload than her team mates. “My pre season training should be more individualised than some others due to the injury”, Waddington explained. “I’m just making sure that I get the balance right, building the strength in my leg and building my cardiovascular engine again, but also making sure I don't overdo it”. “I can't wait to be a part of the team next season”. “I'm looking forward to preseason, getting nice and fit for round 1 next year, it will be very exciting”.

By Andrew Frackowski