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Adelaide's own Anna Rawson

Adelaide’s Anna Rawson is arguably one of the best female golfers to come out of South Australia. Not only has Rawson played professional golf but she is also a successful model and graduated high school with a tertiary entrance rank of 94.05 out of a possible 99.95 during her busy sporting career. Rawson has competed in over 150 golf tournaments including the US Open, British Open, Canada Open and the LPGA Championship. We have spoken with Anna recently in a Questions and Answers conversation below. Our Sporting Life SA- Where are you at the moment and what’s Anna Rawson been up too lately? Anna Rawson- I just got back to Los Angeles from NYC where i just finished my first year at Columbia Business School (MBA). I am currently working on a start up that i hope to launch in 2015 when i graduate if not before. OSLSA- Current Marital Status? AR- Married to Ted Chervin and we live bi-costal between New York and Los Angeles. OSLSA- Where did you grow up in Adelaide? AR- Glenelg North OSLSA- Which School or College did you attend? AR- St Leonards Primary School (R-6) Immanuel College (High School 7-12) and then University of Southern California (undergraduate degree) Columbia Business School (MBA graduate degree) OSLSA- The majority of females growing up at a young age are showing more interest sports such as Netball and Tennis, how was Golf of interest growing up? AR- I also started playing tennis at 5 years old and netball shortly after. i wasn't introduced to golf until i was 13 years old and was eligible for a junior membership at Glenelg Golf Club. I was very lucky that my whole family played golf and we were all members of Glenelg Golf Club. My Aunt was a state Champion and my father and her won the state mixed foursomes championship so it was very natural that i would play. I fell in love with the game because it was so difficult and such a challenge.. most other sports came easy to me but with golf i couldn't get the ball in the air for 3 months! The access to golf courses, expensive equipment and the difficulty of the game decrease participation of young people. Programs in the US like the first tee and boys and girls club try to combat this problem but the same problems exist for early adults. I honestly wish they would make golf a little easier and perhaps even shorter (9 holes) but the USGA/R+A seems to want to make golf harder! (changed the grooves, no long putters) I am not sure i agree with their philosophy in terms of growing the amount of people that play the game but thats a long debate! OSLSA- Are your family involved in Golf or play (if so what are their handicaps)? AR- Everyone in my family plays!!!! My father is currently a 5 handicap. My brother is about a 15. My Aunt Jill has won numerous club championships and is a 1 or 2 and my cousin Josie is the Current Glenelg Women's Club Champion! OSLSA- Who were your important Golfing mentors growing up? AR- Greg Norman was a huge influence because i loved the way he combined his golf career with other passions to create many different successful businesses and because he was Australian!! OSLSA- Do you have a favorite course/courses in Adelaide? AR- Royal Adelaide... It’s just a spectacular place and It’s were I first fell in love with the game. OSLSA- When was the first time you broke par at a course and where was it at? AR- Oh Gosh i have no idea! Probably when i was 15 or 16...Maybe it was at Long Reef golf club in Sydney in the New South Wales Junior Championship i think i shot 70?? but don't hold me to that!! i actually remember breaking 80 for the first time at glenelg i was 14!! OSLSA- Who was your sporting idol or hero growing up? AR- Other than Greg Norman it was probably Tiger Woods... I mean his statistics where just incredible and he seemed like such a class act - i also loved Anna Kournikova she had an incredible impact and really changed the face of women's tennis! OSLSA- What were your favorite places in Adelaide to visit and or enjoyable times you remember ie café’s, shops or beaches? AR- I love Rundle St and the fringe festival and of course shopping at JR's surf and ski on Grenfell st. My brother still sends me clothes because the Australian surf labels are just so much better than the US ones! I also loved going to Victor Harbor as our family had a beach house out there so fondly remember fishing out near seal rock and surfing at Waitpinga. My favorite beach is Petrol Cove! OSLSA- Have you been back to Adelaide since moving to the US, if so, how often do you come back to visit? AR- I haven’t been to Adelaide since Dec 2009... Its been too long... I have actually planned a trip for this December and am very excited! OSLSA- You have been in the US for quite a while, has the US accent crept in or taken over from your Aussie accent? AR- It has totally crept in!!! but my husband says he will divorce me if i lose it so i try to call home often to keep it up! Its very difficult to assimilate to American Culture without picking up the slang. I have been here 14 years now... so its definitely a work in progress! I am just one of those people that tries to assimilate anywhere i go. Even when in France or Spain i try to pick up the accent! its definitely a weird quality! OSLSA- Women’s Golf has some strong leaders as role models, is there a particular one that stands out for you currently? AR- What Lydia Ko is doing is very impressive and at such a young age! I admire her tenacity and focus. I was more concerned with getting a boyfriend at her age!! OSLSA- What are your favorite and most enjoyable highlights in your career? AR- Losing in a playoff at the Deutsche Bank Ladies Swiss open in Losone Switzerland will stay with me forever. I had a 3 shot lead going into the final 9 holes and totally freaked out. i managed to birdie the last hole to get into a playoff but then lost it on the second hole. It was so exciting and so much pressure but i loved every second! My second favorite highlight was winning the NCAA championship at USC - it was so fun to win as a team and was such a big deal for the university because it was the only sport they had never won a championship in! we were rock stars on campus! Another favorite was shooting a career low 64 in the first round of the 2009 Canadian Open and leading the tournament - i was having an average year and had a lot of self doubt that all my hard work was ever going to pay off so it could not have come at better timing! Leading the Bell Micro LPGA classic and getting my first ever top 10 on the LPGA tour in 2008 was also another favorite! I have so many i could go on and on!!! I honestly enjoyed traveling and exploring the world through golf. I remember sitting in the cutest cafes in Munich and Copenhagen and going shopping in Dubai - i was incredibly fortunate to travel the world at such a young age and see so many unique and different things. Photos are courtesy of Anna Rawson