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New Thunderbirds' Superwoman

By Andrew Frackowski

A new Adelaide Thunderbird has arrived in town.

Adelaide’s English import Eboni Beckford-Chambers has had a fly in visit to Adelaide, meeting with Thunderbirds coach Jane Woodlands-Thompson and she also had a training session with her team mates.

“I arrived on Monday night and I was very jet-lagged so I was happy to find the apartment and sleep well,” the circle defender said

“I had a walk around Glenelg and the beach is absolutely stunning, I love the beach, I’m very much a beach girl.

“I was so impressed with the sunset and jetty and the strips and the amount of restaurants and cuisine my eyes literally lit up.”

Beckford-Chambers has also heard about the Great White Shark cage diving which she is willing to attempt when back in Adelaide.

“I said I would give it a go, I’m all up for trying things once, I think it would be more comedic value rather than my actual life experience sort of thing,” she laughed.

Only here for a short time Beckford-Chambers jets home for a week’s break, before she will represent England as they take on Malawi in a test series.

Highly credentialed Beckford-Chambers comes to Adelaide after winning West Coast Fever’s past two MVP’s but ANZ Championship finals has eluded the vivacious 26-year-old.

“I want to continue that dominance in the defence,” the 185cm defender, who can play roles at Goal Keeper and Goal Defence explained.

“I had three really good seasons under Fever coach Norma Plummer but finals escaped me and coming to Adelaide they have such a deep rooted history of success”

“I think they are still trying to build their winning culture at the Fever and its still evolving, whereas compared to Adelaide I feel like its an established culture here, they have already got a history of success, a history of winning and knowing how to win and its something I really wanted to learn and be apart of.”

The English import has grown up with sport all through her life, playing a diversity of games included tennis, gymnastics, hockey and lacrosse.

All this, whilst juggling her busy study life which also included completing a law degree.

“I’m a trainee solicitor so I’ve done all my qualifications,” she continued

“I did my law degree and my masters and commercial law, I just need to go to a firm and do my training contract eventually.

“My Mum is very big on education, I have always done both, I love my netball and I love studying law.

“I look back now and I think how did I do it?

“But I’m glad its done I was working as a para legal part of the time when I was in Perth and I enjoyed that.”

While the MVP’s were a fantastic honour she believes the Australia and England test series was one of her career highlights.

“The Commonwealth Games and World Championships 2010 and 2011 were a real honour and another highlight was the Australian series in 2013, it was England’s first ever win over Australia and I was named player of the series.”

Despite being a long distant cousin of international male model Tyson Beckford, Eboni comes from a quite a large family.

“I’ve got lots of cousins, my Mum’s one of eight, my Dad’s one of 11, my Grandmother’s one of 13 and my Grandad is one of 16,” she said

“My partner is in the RAF Military, he came out the last three years when I was in Perth and he will definitely be coming to Adelaide.

“He is so supportive of Netball and he is actually really excited for me and this new challenge and new beginning so hopefully I will see him here dressed in pink.”

The transition from the Fever to a Thunderbird happened very quickly after a chat to coach Jane Woodlands-Thompson.

“I spoke to Jane and she spoke so positively about Adelaide and I just couldn’t say no and by the end of the week I was a Thunderbird.

“Hopefully I can help restore the Thunderbirds to place a in the finals go on to win the championship.”