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Bunton's Star Rising

By Andrew Frackowski Adelaide Lightning’s young basketball talent Alex Bunton has a bright future. A former Canberra basketballer she made the move to Adelaide and the Lightning during the off season. The UK born Bunton played the past two seasons with Canberra after a three year stint at the Australian Institute of Sport. Surprisingly, Bunton, 21, only began playing basketball in her early teens, just because of her height. “I started when I was a 14-year-old because someone told me I was tall and that I should play,” the 196cm Adelaide recruit explained. “I didn’t really have an interest at the start, I felt out of it and I didn’t feel comfortable as I was really tall. “I was taller than everybody, but once I started to appreciate the fact that the height helped and I liked every part of the game, I fell in love.” The decision to move to Adelaide has so far proved a revelation as she is in the best form of her career and her current numbers confirm. Remains focused on improving and being more dominant, the Adelaide centre is almost averaging a double-double with 10.8 points per game and 9.3 rebounds. “I think I can do so much better and that will come with time and development,” a modest Bunton continued. “I’d like to be dominating and I don’t think I will ever stop saying ‘I’m not at my best’ because I always want and think I could do better.” Through her short career, Bunton has already represented Australia at the FIBA World Championships in both Under 17 and Under 19 level along with recently touring the USA with the Australian Opals. “I played small amounts of game time, but I was mostly there for the experience and I was so grateful for it.” Her goal of one day representing the Opals at Olympic level is high in her ambitions. “Olympics has always been a goal for me,” Bunton said “I just want to go as far as I can in my career. “Playing around the world to experience the different styles and league has always appealed to me.” But making the move to Adelaide to play under Lightning coach Jeremi Moule was certainly a huge factor in her decision to depart Canberra. “I think that Jeremi Moule is a great coach and off the court is awesome too,” she continues “The fact that I could be guided under him was a big plus. “I want to learn more and absorb the different advice and ideas that other people have on my game. “I absolutely love the girls here and they are helping me work on my game and that's what I need. “I need to play and Adelaide is giving me that opportunity. “I loved Canberra and I always will.” Although Adelaide has had a slow start at two wins and four losses, Bunton believes the team will take a while to gel with so many new faces. “I have complete faith in our team for the rest of the season,” Bunton explains “We are staying positive after every game. “Whilst we are disappointed in the results of the past few games, we are focusing on working together and staying together to get those wins. “We have a great line up and of course we want to win, but we are all new to each other so we are still finding our feet. “We just have to have faith in ourselves and we can hopefully get back in contention for the finals.”