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Jackson's comeback in Adelaide

Lauren Jackson will play her comeback game tonight at the Adelaide Arena court when her University of Canberra Capitals take on Adelaide Lightning. Its been 11 months since Jackson last played and the Womens Most Successful Australian Basketballer admits she is nervous but excited about returning and will play a limited minutes role in her comeback. "I'm really nervous, its been 11 months I've been off the court and I haven't really done much training on the court at all really with the team, so its kind of scary, Jackson said "But I'm really looking forward to it I'm excited, i just want to be out on the court I want to be in the uniform and just being a part of the team again its been a long road to get here and I'm just excited. Its been a long and drawn out process for the 33 year old after many surgeries to repair the knee, she also opted for hip surgery during the knee rehab. "My hip is an injury which I had done before the Olympics, i tore all cartilage from my hip joint and i just kept on getting it cortisone and i couldn't get any muscle back in my leg," Jackson said "So in January I tore the meniscus root out of the bone and chipped my bone in my knee, so obviously i had to have surgery. "Then in May I re-tore everything all over again so I've had a few scopes since then. "Because the nature of the injury it was the lateral side of my knee so they ended up taking the whole meniscus out and its just been a nightmare of an injury just bone and cartilage and not good. "But anyway its been a process, I couldn't get the muscle back in my leg and that was the one thing like for stability and everything "Because I was going to be out rehabbing with me knee they suggested getting my hip done as well which would help get my muscle back and help get me stronger. "So my hip really wasn't a factor its been my knee all along the last surgery i had was about six weeks ago on my knee because I tore some other soft bone on top of it. "I will be wearing a brace tonight. Jackson's career record is impeccable, she has won 6 x WNBL Championships, 4 x WNBL MVP's, 2 x WNBA Titles and 3 x WNBA MVP's. Despite all the accolades Jackson still believes her hunger to play is as high as its ever been. "I think I know I'm still good to play the game and that i can still play at a high level," the 33 year old explained. "That motivates me because I know at the end of my career it will be over and that's not too far down the track, I just want to stay at that level for a couple more years and help my teams win. With the inclusion of Jackson and Veal into the Capitals line up, one of Jackson's focuses will now be to push her team up the ladder and into the playoffs. "I hope so i mean that's everybody's goal to make the playoffs and then make finals," Jackson said. "So you know we are going to go out there and try to help the team win and of course we want to make the playoffs so that's going to be a huge goal. Picture courtesy of University of Canberra Capitals.