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Amazing Abby awarded WNBL MVP

Image Peter Argent

South Australia's Abby Bishop has won the WNBL Most Valuable Player award to cap off her superb 2014/15 season.

Bishop, 27, was thrilled to be announced winner of Australian Basketball's highest individual accolade at the WNBL awards luncheon, yesterday.

"It's an absolute honour," Bishop told Our Sporting Life SA.

"I feel privileged to have received this award, especially now that the league is so tough, talented and deep."

The University of Canberra Capitals Captain had a double-double season average with statistics of 23.2 points per game, 10.8 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game along with a 46.9 field goal percentage.

She also reached the double-double ​​milestone a staggering 13 ​times ​in 2014/15 campaign making her a deserved winner.

Bishop believes many things contributed to her superb season and playing under her coach Carrie Graf was among the catalysts.

"I think many things (contributed to my form), but believing in myself, and having a coach who absolutely believed in me was the foundation of it all," Bishop said.

"Then obviously the work I had put in before the season, set me up for a great start, and then the consistency seemed to just take care of itself."

This is Bishop's first WNBL award since winning the Betty Watson Rookie of the Year in 2005/06 when she played for the Australian Institute of Sport and her first selection since 2008/09 as an All-Star five.

The last two years have been an inspiring story for Bishop, back in August 2013 she made the life changing decision to take custody of her sister Chloe's daughter Zala when she was just two days old in August 2013.

Since this time baby Zala has been with Bishop every step of the way, being the team mascot for the Capitals and more recently Miskolc before Zala puts on the Seattle colours for this season's WNBA.

Bishop knows the time as a 'single mum' has been strenuous and she has adapted quickly and brilliantly to a lifestyle change without preparation to motherhood.

Bishop is currently a WNBL free agent having not committed to a deal for the 2015/16 WNBL season, her decision will be what's correct for both Zala and herself.

"I am currently a free agent, so I am not too sure what I will be doing next WNBL season," Bishop continued.

"I'm in no rush to decide but obviously what ever I do, will be the best thing for Zala and I."

The former Melrose girl in the mid north of South Australia is currently playing in the Quarter Finals in Hungary for Miskolc and believes they are a strong chance of giving the championship a shake, despite going in with the 'under-dogs' tag.

"We have a great team here and we think we can go all the way," Bishop explained.

"The team who beat us in the Hungarian Cup Final, Sopron, finished the season with one loss so they'll obviously the favourites to take out the championship, but who doesn't want to be the under dog, pressures on them, no one else.

"We are all on the same page here in Miskolc, and looking to go all the way."

After Bishop finishes her season with Miskolc she and Zala will head to Seattle in early May to be ready for the Seattle Storm's training camp.

"Seattle's training camp starts in mid May so it'll be good to get over there a little before hand and get Zala settled in," Bishop said.

"It's worked out well with the timing, we will have a couple of weeks in between (basketball in) Hungary and USA."

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