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Kayla Itsines is the Bikini Body Trainer

Image Peter Argent

Kayla Itsines is an Adelaide Personal Trainer sensation that is making her mark all over the world. The 23 year old has an astounding 2.4 million followers on her social media site, Instagram and her fans are continuing to grow. Along with her Instagram followers she also has almost 1.2 million facebook and 170,000 twitter followers. For Itsines it’s something she is quite surprised by, but fitness is her passion and she wants people to feel confident and happy. “I’m seriously blown away by the amount of followers,” she said. “I feel extremely fortunate to be in this position and I will continue to work towards. “My mission to end confusion within the health and fitness industry. “I want all people, especially women, to understand their body, to have a place to learn about health and fitness and, in turn, feel confident and happy.” Itsines has a busy daily schedule and she doesn’t want it any other way. Her day consists of early starts for her bootcamp class, followed by interacting with her millions of followers, before running another bootcamp class. “I would say it’s not hugely different from the normal person,” Itsines explained. “I get up at 5:30am to train my amazing girls at bootcamp. “I’ll then head home, have breakfast and take Ace and TJ, my two Siberian Huskies, for a walk. “My day will then be a combination of working on content for my blog, talking to my millions of gorgeous followers and, of course, working out. “By then it’s time for me to train the night time session of bootcamp, followed by having dinner with my partner, Tobi and relaxing with a nice big mug of peppermint tea.” While growing up and throughout school, Itsines was keen on studying beauty therapy as she believed it was vital for individual’s needs. Itsines also showed a passion for sport, playing basketball since she was just eight years old this in the end led her to Personal Training. “I always kept myself active throughout school,” the former Forestville Eagles player said. “I would involve myself in as many sports as possible but invested a lot of my time playing competitive basketball. “I absolutely loved playing basketball and that lead me to personal training.”


From that point Itsines discovered how much she loved helping people become healthier and happier. “I just really wanted to help people feel good about themselves,” she said. “I have never looked back since, for me, it was a great life changing decision (from beauty therapy to personal training) and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. When asked what motivates her, Itsines explained it was her ‘mission’ that motivates her. “My mission is what motivates me," Itsines explained. “Women seem to be continually looking to other people for motivation these days when they really should be looking to themselves! “I believe that there’s no better motivation than self success. “If you are working towards being a better version of yourself, nothing will feel better than looking back and seeing how far you have come.” Personally, Itsines is inspired by International star and Victoria Secret model Iza Goulart. “I love Iza, although she may have a naturally small build, she works hard for a fit and strong body. “She also promotes a fit, healthy and happy lifestyle, which I think is fantastic.” With over two million followers Itsines has ongoing requests from all her fans through her social media and website pages, which has made her open an online store. “I’ve been listening and reading to all of the requests coming through," she said. “There’s been such a huge demand for me to provide additional tools to assist girls worldwide to live a healthy, happy lifestyle. “So I came up with the idea of developing my own online store. “I see it as an opportunity to bring women one step closer to training with me and more importantly, to be able to do this from the comfort of their own home. “The products are currently available for purchase in Australia and America and have all been designed or chosen by me.” On her website, kaylaitsines.com.au she has a bikini body guide which can selected for over 12 or 24 weeks. In just 12 weeks or less you can see amazing results and become bikini body ready. Kayla’s Nutrition HELP plan is a healthy eating guideline not a ‘fat loss nutrition plan' and both of her guides are suitable for females aged 16 years and older. Being the most popular personal trainer in Adelaide suggests there is a secret to her success! “The secret is… there is no secret," Itsines said. “There is no such thing as quick fixes. “You need to love yourself, be confident, eat well, exercise right and you will glow. “You need to do it for yourself, no one else, but make a positive lifestyle change because YOU want it.”

For more information head to Kayla Itsines website atwww.kaylaitsines.com.au

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