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BLG reject new salary cap proposal

In a landmark decision, after a presentation from South Australian Community Football League (SACFL), the Barossa, Light and Gawler (BLG) club presidents voted nine-zero against accepting regulation 31 in their proposed new Player Payment Scheme, last night. This was voted on after Chair of this Sub Committee Graeme Wandel, David Shipway and Peter Lindner made a presentation to all clubs and board members of the BLG. “Firstly it should be noted we (the BLG) have not voted to disaffiliate from the Community Football League,” BLG president Mick Brien said. “We’ve voted not to accept the whole of regulation 31, because of legal anomalies. “It was unified decision with the vote being nine-zero. “Each club also suggested if these regulations came in a number of committee members would walk out of roles, especially treasurers. “Our league understands the need for our clubs to work within their means and is confident this is happening.” The proposed Regulation 31 stated that all players must be contracted to a club under the SACFL “Playing Contract” with payment terms and conditions nominated clearly. These payments must not exceed $3000.00 per week with a marquee player (nominated before the start of the season) allowed to earn a maximum of $1000.00, while the most any other player must earn is $500.00. There is a travel allowance of 50 cents per kilometre, after the initial 50km of travel. Sign on fee were not permitted under this regulation and the clubs incentives were to be capped at $250.00 per week. It was also proposal a Zone Register be formed with a raft of penalties for any clubs that contravenes the regulation The SACFL was expecting to roll this structure out across all of South Australian community and regional football in 2016. Leeanne Grantham, the current SACFL CEO confirmed the regulation 31 has been passed a board level and becomes effective from November 1, this year. “We are expected a letter from the BLG outlining their concerns, which will be tabled at the next appropriate meeting,” Granthan explained. “Regulation 31 has been adopted by the CFL. “All leagues need to adhere to the regulations of their governing body in all sports around this nation. “That is normal procedure.” The next SACFB meeting is scheduled for September 13.

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