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Phoenix work overtime to remain undefeated

Pic- Richard Hathaway Photography

West Coast Angels 38 Adelaide Phoenix 44


It was built as a blockbuster and Game 2 of the Ladies Gridiron League (LGL) delivered and then some.

The West Coast Angels made their return to nib Stadium where they faced an Adelaide Phoenix team coming off a dominant win at home against the Blaze. The match began with the Angels working down field with new Quarterback Tegan Brown using Kahra Sprlyan who flew around the right side of the Phoenix defence to score the games first touchdown, Angels leading 8-0. The Phoenix began their first drive and just as quick, it was the lethal Fyfe and Farr combination once again resulting in a touchdown to level the scores 8-8. Then at 5:45 left in the first quarter and scores level, an approaching storm forced play to be suspended for about 30 minutes due to lightning and importance of player safety. When play resumed, the Angels had possession of the football and their superstar running back Britney Were made her presence felt on the field eventually crossing the End Zone to give the Angels the lead back just before the end of the first quarter. It would be Angels 16-8 at the end of the first. The second quarter saw the Phoenix on the attack and Quarterback Lisa Fyfe would turn to her captain and Wide Receiver Elisabetta Del Re who would score the teams second touchdown to level the scores again at 16-16. Late in the quarter the Phoenix defence got rough as Kahra Sprlyan was taken down with a clothes line takedown. But the Angels would use Britney Were again scoring her second touchdown. Angels leading 22-16 which would stay till the half. It was proving to be a real armwrestle and the Phoenix wasted no time responding scoring their third touchdown and for the first time of the night, Adelaide took the lead. Phoenix 24-22. The lead would only last a minute as Britney Were was full of confidence scoring her third touchdown, Angels with the lead back 30-24. The Phoenix were on the verge of scoring again but a wayward pass by Lisa Fyfe resulted in an interception and a 25 yard run, at the end of the third quarter Were was in again giving the Angels the biggest lead of the night. Angels 38-24. Down by 14 it was up to the Phoenix offence and Fyfe lead the way with another Quarterback Sneak cutting the margin to 8. Angels 38-30. With 4 minutes to go, the Phoenix defence with J.T Tudor forced a turnover on downs just 11 yards on the End Zone. It was the turning point as the Quarterback and Captain would combine again to level the scores with 2:34 to go. 38-38 all. The Angels would have the chance to win it but time ran out. Scores were level and we were heading to sudden death overtime. The Phoenix would receive first and Elisabetta Del Re would get the first down giving them great field position. Then after a few plays, from the 2 yard line Lisa Fyfe performed another Quarterback Sneak charging into the End Zone to win the game for the Phoenix 44-38 in overtime. The result means the Phoenix keep their undefeated record. What a game, the best so far and it's going to get better. Game 3 is on Saturday, November 28th when the Canberra Mustangs (0-0) face the Brisbane Blaze (0-1). Check out some of the LIVE match coverage on The LGL End Zone. Facebook = The LGL End Zone Twitter = @TheLGLEndZone Instagram = @the_lgl_end_zone

Story by Raddy - The LGL End Zone

Images by Richard Hathaway Photography